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Not everyone has the knowledge or background to design a proper suspension setup for their vehicle. At Mindliss Metalfab, we pride ourselves on computer designing all of our in house projects and now we are extending that service to offer pre fabbed, custom designed suspension setups to customers worldwide.

With some basic measurements that you provide, Mindliss Metalfab can work with you to design and fabricate a fully custom setup that meets your goals and specific design requirements. All CAD designs will be sent to the customer for final approval before anything gets built, so you’ll never get anything that you don’t want.

Our custom rear suspensions range from crossmember and link packages to fully designed and fabricated backhalves. Using 4 link bars and components from Thorbecke Bros, and custom designed and laser cut pieces from Mindliss Metalfab, you are sure to have a properly designed and well built suspension that you can trust.

For the beginner or basic installer, we are also happy to offer a full line of quality universal and vehicle specific kits from the brands you trust.


With the truck scene advancing and more eye catching and engineered suspension designs becoming the norm, Mindliss Metalfab is happy to assist you with building a fully functional and head turning addition to your vehicles suspension.

With a few basic dimensions, Mindliss Metalfab can design and build a custom watts link that keeps your rear end perfectly centered and people coming back for a second look at your ride.

From basic kits to fully custom designs, let us help you keep your axle centered and add something truly unique to your vehicles suspension.

Watts links start around $300 and vary depending on quite a few available options. No Universal kits here,  every watts link is CAD designed and custom built to your vehicle based on a few simple measurements.

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